Short Bio

I am currently a visiting researcher working at the Interdisciplinary Research Center, Shandong University. I received my PhD in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University under the co-supervision of Prof. Hao (Richard) Zhang and Prof. Daniel Cohen-Or. My research focuses on computer graphics, including geometry processing, sematic shape analysis, 3D printing, and shape modeling. My research profiles can be found at both Google Scholar and Research Gate.
A full Curriculum Vitae is available here (PDF).


Mobility Fitting Using RANSAC 4D

Hao Li, Guowei Wan, Honghua Li, Andrei Sharf, Kai Xu, and Baoquan Chen
Computer Graphics Forum (SGP 2016), 35(5).

An Example-Based Approach to 3D Man-made Object Reconstruction from Line Drawings

Changqing Zou, Tianfan Xue, Xiaojiang Peng, Honghua Li, Baochang Zhang, Ping Tan, and Jianzhuang Liu
Pattern Recongnition (2016), to appear.

Shape Compaction via Stacking and Folding

Honghua Li
SFU PhD Thesis (2015)

Foldabilizing Furniture

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Shape Compaction

Honghua Li, and Hao Zhang
Book chapter in Perspectives in Shape Analysis, Dagstuhl Seminar, 2015.
Editors: M. Breu, A. Bruckstein, P. Maragos, and S. Wuhrer.

Approximate Pyramidal Shape Decomposition

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Topology-Varying 3D Shape Creation via Structural Blending

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Curve Style Analysis in a Set of Shapes

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Honghua Li, Ibraheem Alhashim, Hao Zhang, Ariel Shamir, and Daniel Cohen-Or
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3D Surface Correspondence based on SIFT Features of Depth Image

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Mesh Dense Correspondence Computation based on Harmonic Field

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